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Landing at Gallipoli
25 April 1915

We Shall Remember

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Written and Illustrated by Belinda Landsberry.
Read by Max Cryer  3:10

A Tribute to the Original ANZACS

Dedicated to all who have gone in harm's way on behalf of Australia and  New Zealand.
This is the Gallipoli campaign in the Dardenelles. 7:37

The Gallipoli Speech of Ataturk

The compassionate words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk for the fallen soldiers of Gallipoli.  2:59

The Last ANZAC Song

The Last ANZAC  song was written to perpetuate the memory of Alec Campbell, the last ANZAC. Alec expressed his hope for  World Peace. He believed that if we strive for peace in our local communities, this would flow on to the rest of the world. 2:59

Anzac - Gallipoli 1915

WS Room 13 selected the song Godspeed by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, to commemorate the bravery of the Anzac troops at Gallipoli. 5:28

Letter from Gallopili

Frank Clark's letter from Gallipoli produced for the Auckland War Memorial Museum by Storyboards. 3:34

Simpson and his Donkey

The heroic story of one man and a donkey and a strange twist of fate that brought two boyhood friends together one last time. 2:01

Heroes of Gallipoli

The rare film recently restored by Peter Jackson contains the only known footage of the campaign. 2:55

ANZAC Song Tribute

The Anzac song describes the realization that young men have given their lives so we can live in a free country. 3:07


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