About Us

ABC Teaching Resources is a unique literacy website. One that is committed to excellence in an ever changing educational world.

ABC Teaching Resources is designed to support Trans-Tasman literacy teaching. Its vision is to support the Australian and New Zealand National curriculum and to generate amazing Year 1 - Year 4 classroom learning. To date, ABC Teaching Resources has over two thousand literacy resources which can be easily downloaded from the internet. 

ABC Teaching Resources are successfully used in everyday teaching programmes engaging students in their current learning.

The Curriculum

ABC Teaching Resources supports the individual Australian and New Zealand outcome-based curriculum –setting out what we require the students to know and to be able to do.

Supporting this objective, many resources are written incorporating sequential learning goals. They outline the purpose of the learning, the learning intention and the steps involved in the learning. These are written in ‘child-speak’ language and are supported by fun illustrations.

The resources are easily used by the teacher, student or small groups to give  focus to individual and cooperative learning.


Commitment To Excellence

ABC Teaching Resources are committed to excellence. Our resources are succinct in their learning outcomes, have a simple layout and are designed to engage students in their learning. They are mostly sequential in which students can find their beginning learning step then build upon that in an independent or collaborative way.

The colourful resources when displayed create a print saturated classroom environment where students are easily motivated, challenged and have fun learning. 

To date, ABC Teaching Resources has over two thousand literacy resources which support the literacy programme. The resources begin with the alphabet and build into the literacy programme.


Our Aim

Our aim is to provide smart, up-to-date learning resources which engage outcome-based learning, link literacy learning with other Learning Areas in accordance with the curriculum, to have an increasing number of new resources available to you within the next twelve months, in order to make our website a ‘one stop shop’ for classroom literacy planning and learning.

Updated December 2017

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