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ABC Teaching Resources’ vision is to help teachers to generate amazing student learning by supporting the classroom literacy programme with great resources.

ABC Teaching Resources is committed to developing bright, attractive visual resources which will engage Year 1 - Year 4 students learning and create a stimulating classroom. These resources have been trialled by classroom teachers in every day learning situations. However, it is not what ABC Teaching Resources thinks that counts.

So we encourage you to download and use our resources and find out for yourself.


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The Resources

ABC Teaching Resources support the Australian National Curriculum and the New Zealand National Curriculum initiatives. The resources begin with the alphabet and build into the Literacy learning programme.
The resources are designed to make a visual impact on the classroom environment - creating stimulating learning walls, learning corners and learning areas. In such a print saturated environment student’s learning can be introduced, supported, scaffold, moved forward and most of all celebrated.

ABC Teaching Resources effortlessly initiate independent and collaborative learning through providing learning goals suitable for individual, small group and large group literacy programmes. They are well planned, effective and support the outcome-based curriculum. These resources can be used over and over again. Some at all levels of the curriculum - a hallmark of their success.

Resource Image: Every resource has a colourful image which can be previewed, magnified and enlarged.

Resource Descriptions:  Each description begins with a title which includes the layout format. This is followed by a brief description of the resource.

Font: Comic Sans is used for many resources as it is a universal font which students find easy to read.  The number of pages, font and reference number is indicated under the Resource Description preview.

There are one hundred and one ways to use the resources; the use depends on your style of classroom learning and management.


Find Out For Yourself

ABC Teaching Resources is proud to acknowledge its on-going commitment to producing top quality, user friendly, professional outcome-based resources which support successful learning.

We encourage you to download our resources and find out for yourself!


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