Our History

“It is not every day you come across a website like this. A website based on over 20 years teaching experience at all levels of the curriculum. A website with resources known to generate learning.”

The concept of ABC Teaching Resources was formed in 2011, when two friends were talking about their future career directions.

Two years later, with the support of consultancy and design teams, ABC Teaching Resources was developed as a user friendly literacy resource site unique to Australia and New Zealand.

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This is the ABC Teaching Resources story.


Teaching Experience

Michele Jenny, founder of ABC Teaching Resources, is a primary school teacher who has taught all age groups. While her teaching experience has been mostly a Trans-Tasman journey, her twenty-five year career has enabled her to travel and teach in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. She has had the opportunity to work alongside USA teachers and also to observe classroom teaching in Switzerland.  

Michele trained as a primary teacher in Melbourne, Australia. Following the completion of several years teaching in Melbourne, she travelled to the UK and taught in East Sussex.
After marrying, Michele settled in New Zealand and taught in a variety of settings including multi-cultural inner-city schools, rural schools and also urban schools. While every school has had its own set of challenges, Michele loved teaching and sharing the fun and excitement of learning with her students.
During Michele’s extensive teaching career, she has broadened her knowledge and skills through a range of professional development opportunities. This learning has enriched her classroom pedagogy.
Key learning include Marie Clay’s research and her influence in New Zealand reading and writing programmes; training for Reading Recovery; Assessment for Learning; First Steps Literacy; Higher Order Thinking Skills; New Zealand Literacy Project and Inquiry Learning using the Gwen Gawith model.
Ultimately, this professional development has been a major influence in the creation of the literacy resources for ABC Teaching Resources.
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The Idea

In 2011, Michele had the opportunity to return to Australia and once again teach in Melbourne schools. The teachers were undergoing the challenge of preparing for the introduction of the new Australian National Curriculum.
Michele had already experienced the introduction of the New Zealand 1992 National Curriculum and the more recent 2009 National outcome-based Curriculum preparing the students for 21st century learning, so she fully understood the challenges and changes which were ahead for the Australian teachers and students of the new National Curriculum.
As part of the Melbourne café culture, Michele regularly met with friends for a ‘catch up’ which often lead to in depth conversations about the future directions of their careers. One of these conversations was about Michele’s extensive collection of resources built up over the years of passionate planning and researching.

Then a friend said to her, “Why don’t you create a resource website?”
And that was the beginning of the journey called ABC Teaching Resources.

The Vision

Michele wanted to create a user friendly website which reflected her out-come based curriculum experience while also supporting dedicated yet extremely busy teachers who were undertaking a new set of learning challenges embodied in the National Curriculum.

Michele set to work reviewing, modifying and creating resources which would support the student as a learner and the teacher as a facilitator of learning.


The Website

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On returning to New Zealand in 2012, Michele continued developing her ideas and resources for the website while also returning to teaching. She investigated various ways of developing a website and ultimately found They reflected the values she sort in a website developer.
Almost a year later, Zeald’s consultancy and design teams have been instrumental in the development of The smart design website is a user friendly, easy to navigate teacher literacy website. This Trans-Tasman website is truly unique to Australia and New Zealand. ultimate aim is to move into the global market. To date teachers from  the United States, Australia, Britain, New Zealand and many more countries visit daily and purchase resources.
Updated December 2017


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