ANZAC Day | Why We Remember?
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ANZAC Day | Why We Remember?

SMART RESOURCE | This multipurpose visual language resource presents twenty-nine images ready to use in your individualised ANZAC Day programme. This motivational visual resource prompts students to discuss the conditions and heroic deeds that took place on the Gallipoli Peninsula during W.W.1. The images can form the ‘What do I need to know?’ inquiry questions for students to complete a study of the ANZACs.
AUD $4.20
Pages: 29
Font: Various
Ref: 8-00055
Age: 6-8+ years

Digital Download: PDF 2.08  MB
Smart Resource
Australian Curriculum
Year 2-4
Language Variation and Change
Expressing and Developing Ideas
Creating Texts
Inquiry and Skills
Knowledge and Understanding
Resource include:
Dawn Ceremony, Aussies and Kiwis at War,
Sacrificing Peace, Gallipoli, Landing at Anzac Cove, The Trenches, Mateship, Bravery, Compassion, Hardship, The Turkish Trenches, People and Animals, Letters From Gallipoli, The Battle, The Fatigue, Bully Beef, Anzac Biscuits, War Incidents , The Call for Volunteers, Poppies at Gallipoli , and Lest We Forget. 

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ANZAC Day | Gallipoli | Inquire - Write - Create &  Make

ANZAC Day | Gallipoli | Inquire - Write - Create & Make

SMART RESOURCE | The Inquiry resource is based on aspects of the Gallipoli campaign: Animals at War, Life in the Trenches, The Landing, and Troop Technology. The students are invited to write, make-create, and Inquire about these topics with the reference and support of ten original war photos. An excellent resource to explore the rigours of life in Gallipoli.
AUD $4.40
ANZAC Day | Symbols and Traditions

ANZAC Day | Symbols and Traditions

SMART RESOURCE | A set of eight symbols to commemorate the tradition of ANZAC Day for lower primary students. Students reflect on ANZAC Day and learn that the past is important to people. They also learn how people made significant contributions to our society and that traditions and values are important to belonging to groups. Resource includes symbol charts, matching symbol with symbol and tradition cards, two activity sheets and video links with a story about ANZAC Day and also individual videos explaining ANZAC Day symbols and traditions. (Updated)
AUD $4.60
ANZAC Day | Word-Picture | Matching | Cards

ANZAC Day | Word-Picture | Matching | Cards

SMART RESOURCE: ANZAC Day Commemoration resource comprises over sixty printable word cards with illustrations. Match the word card with the illustration card to develop vocabulary knowledge. The resource can be adapted to play games such as Memory and Go Fish. An excellent activity for an Anzac Day study. Also included in the resource is a vocabulary list and a vintage World War I poster.
AUD $3.90
ANZAC Day | Gallipoli | Inquiry |  Writing Prompts

ANZAC Day | Gallipoli | Inquiry | Writing Prompts

SMART RESOURCE | An Inquiry-based resource including activity sheets and individual activity cards. The inquiry is organised into three groups: research and read, record and write, and make and construct activities. Each group has five ANZAC questions. The activity sheets are suitable for pasting into books whereas the individual cards could be laminated and used as discussion points during a ‘Think-Pair-Share’ class learning. Also included is a ANZAC Day title page and the poem In Flanders’ Fields.
AUD $3.00


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