Australia Day | Trace & Colour | Mindfulness Handwriting
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Australia Day | Trace & Colour | Mindfulness Handwriting

SMART RESOURCE | Join in the Australia Day fun and create a unique starter activity. The tracing and colouring assist beginning writers to manipulate writing tools and to perform a variety of movements. This resource helps young students developing emerging handwriting skills, to practise fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination and spatial awareness. Landscape format.
AUD $4.40
Pages: 20
Font: Various
Ref: 16-00141
Age: 5-6 years
Digital Download
PDF: 1.61 MB
Smart Resource for handwriting
Australian Curriculum

ACELY 1653
Learning to produce simple handwriting movements

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Australia Day | Class Activities

Australia Day | Class Activities

SMART RESOURCE | The set of ‘Australia Day’ vocabulary cards connect with the historic event of the landing of the First Fleet at Port Jackson. The words and activities help students to identify and understand the significance of this day. The activities include a word search with answer sheet, a template for students to create a word search, mindfulness bookmarks to colour, a sheet to illustrate and write about Australia Day activities and two templates to create an Australia acrostic poem. A great start to the year connecting engaging activities with Australia Day.
AUD $4.00
Australia Day | Year 2  Handwriting  Practice | NSW-NZ PreCursive

Australia Day | Year 2 Handwriting Practice | NSW-NZ PreCursive

SMART RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: Australia Day is an excellent way to connect handwriting with HASS. The resource provides individual A-Z Australia Day and Australian National Anthem copy cards. The cards have a practice letter, and word corresponding to the Australia Day sentences. Also included are two blank practice sheets, Australian National Anthem words and an Australia Day poster. Students practise writing with consistent size, spacing, shape and alignment of letters while learning about Australia Day history, its national importance and the celebrations organised throughout Australia.Landscape format.
AUD $5.10
Aussie Alphabet | Picture-Letter- Word | Tile Cards

Aussie Alphabet | Picture-Letter- Word | Tile Cards

SMART RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: The Aussie Alphabet tile cards feature picture tiles, uppercase and lowercase tiles, uppercase tiles, lowercase tiles, word tiles and alliteration tiles. The Australian alphabet resource is perfect for sorting and matching pictures, letters, words and alliteration captions. Students practise identifying letters and hearing the sound in words. The cards are suitable for individual, small group or rotational class activities
AUD $2.40
Aussie Alphabet | Word Cards

Aussie Alphabet | Word Cards

SMART RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: A set of Aussie Alphabet word flashcards. The beginning letter is highlighted in colour to give emphasis to the initial sound. Each word has a matching colloquial or iconic Australian picture. An excellent resource for learning and reviewing beginning sounds in words.
AUD $2.80


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