Chinese New Year



The Chinese New Year's Day

is the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.
The date is different each year and is always
between January 21st and February 20th.

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Astrology | Chinese New Year | Zodiac Signs

Astrology | Chinese New Year | Zodiac Signs

PREMIUM RESOURCE | Studying the Chinese Zodiac twelve animal signs and their personality traits is a great way to increase student’s vocabulary of character words. This excellent resource features the Chinese Zodiac Year Name charts and the positive character traits cards, Chinese Lunar Calendar to discover your Zodiac sign and inquiry cards directing students to further research the zodiac sign’s lucky numbers, lucky colours, lucky flowers and lucky directions.
AUD $3.00
Chinese Zodiac Signs | Page Borders

Chinese Zodiac Signs | Page Borders

FREE | The resource features page borders of the twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs and a Chinese New Year poster. A great resource for writing or drawing. Each sign has a duplicate page- one blank and one with the title of the Animal of the Year.
AUD $0.00


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