Diwali  Festival | Events | Poster
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Diwali Festival | Events | Poster

FREE | As Diwali is a five day festival students can select from the three posters to create or complete the events for each day. An excellent reference for student Inquiry-based Research Learning.
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Pages: 04
Font: Various
Ref: 6-00125
Age: 6-8 years

FREE Resource  

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Diwali- Rangoli Patterns | Mindfulness Colouring

Diwali- Rangoli Patterns | Mindfulness Colouring

SMART RESOURCE | Rangoli patterns explore the dazzling colours and shapes traditionally used to decorate doorways and courtyards of houses during the festival of Diwali. There are sixteen patterns to choose, ranging from simple to more complex designs. This is a perfect way to explore the Hindu tradition of Rangoli patterns through inquiry and to practice mindfulness colouring enabling students to turn off all other thoughts and just focus on this colourful Diwali activity.
AUD $3.20
Diwali – The Festival of Lights | Year 1 | Handwriting Practice | NSW Print

Diwali – The Festival of Lights | Year 1 | Handwriting Practice | NSW Print

SMART RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: Diwali is a time of vibrant colours, fireworks, twinkling lights and delicious food. The handwriting sheets introduce and add depth to the class study of this dazzling celebration. The practice sheet focus is writing simple factual sentences about Diwali, in addition to digit and number word practice. Each copy card is written with lines and without lines. Students can select the copy card according to their ability to write words legibly and with consistent size. Included are blank, coloured and, black and white lined sheets. The handwriting resource supports daily practice, consolidation, and refinement of handwriting skills through the celebration of Diwali.
AUD $4.80
Diwali | Festival | Vocabulary | Cards

Diwali | Festival | Vocabulary | Cards

SMART RESOURCE | The two sets of thirty-eight Diwali Festival words are presented in different fonts and backgrounds. The resource is suitable for Diwali discussion, reading, writing and word wall displays. The words make an excellent starting point for inquiry-based research learning. The vocabulary links with the Diwali Festival of Lights Annual Resources.
AUD $3.80
Diwali | Activities | Management | Charts

Diwali | Activities | Management | Charts

FREE | A management chart for student Diwali learning activities. Students complete MUST DO and select from CHOICE options. The activities: make a - diva lamp, Diwali card, rangoli pattern and write about the Quest of Ram and Sita. These are part of the Diwali ABC Teaching Resources which are ready to view and download.
AUD $0.00


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