Te Reo Maori | Waiaro | Values
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Te Reo Maori | Waiaro | Values

SMART RESOURCE | Age: 5-8+ years
AUD $4.00
Pages: 19
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Ref: 10-00032
Age: 5-8+ years

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Smart ABC Teaching Resources NZ Curriculum
Te Reo Maori
Level 1 - 2
A set of waiaro defining the five values of aroha, pono, tika, manaakitanga, and tapu. These values are presented in Te Reo Maori and English. Students are challenged with the question: What are values? and What are some things you believe are important to you? The resource is presented with a coloured background and a white background for the choice of presentation. An excellent resource to complement the principles of the Waitangi Treaty and the opportunity to acquire knowledge of Te Reo Maori. Landscape format.


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