Kiwi Alphabet | Letter – Picture | Cards
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Kiwi Alphabet | Letter – Picture | Cards

SMART RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: The Kiwi Alphabet letter - picture cards are presented with a New Zealand illustration. Each card shows the uppercase and lowercase letter form. The Resource is suitable for sorting and matching, alphabetical order activities and make colourful labels for word wall displays.
AUD $1.80
Pages: 04
Font: Comic Sans
Ref: 1-00049
Age: 5-6 years
Digital Download: PDF 0.8 MB
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Australian Curriculum

ACELA  1440

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Waitangi Day | Vocabulary | Cards

SMART RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: The Waitangi Day resource includes 21 key word cards, an explanation of the symbolism of the Maori flag, a simple explanation of the significance of Waitangi Day to New Zealand and a close reading activity for the students to complete. Landscape presentation.
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Waitangi Day | History and Principles | Inquiry

Waitangi Day | History and Principles | Inquiry

SMART RESOURCE | The intention of the resource is to spark curiosity and understanding about the history and relevance of the Treaty of Waitangi. It asks the student through inquiry to look at the past, present and future of the multicultural nation of Aotearoa New Zealand… challenging the student to understand the principles of the treaty and what they mean to them? The resource includes: an outline of the Inquiry process, Treaty Inquiry questions and answers, Inquiry vocabulary, map of Aotearoa New Zealand, a student short history sheet and close activity sheet, Waitangi Day celebrations student sheet, Waitangi Treaty teacher Information sheet, a poster: He iwi tahi tatou – We are now one people, and images of Waitangi Marae, Treaty House, and the historic signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. Landscape presentation.
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Kiwi Alphabet | Letter-Picture | Bingo

Kiwi Alphabet | Letter-Picture | Bingo

SMART RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: Kiwi Alphabet Bingo game includes six picture game cards and letters for the call cards. The sets of letter cards include lowercase letters, uppercase letters and lowercase / uppercase letter cards. To play: a letter card is chosen from the letter card pile; the letter name and letter sound is called; the player with the picture name beginning with that letter places a counter over that picture on their card. BINGO is called by a player when all pictures are cover on their card.
AUD $2.20
Kiwi Alphabet | Letter-Picture | Word Cards

Kiwi Alphabet | Letter-Picture | Word Cards

SMART RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: A colourful set of Kiwi Alphabet letter-picture flashcards. Each card has an uppercase and lowercase letter with a supporting New Zealand picture. The resource is ideal for individual or group letter-sound learning or reviewing.
AUD $2.20


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