Parts of Speech | Noun Chart
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Parts of Speech | Noun Chart

SMART RESOURCE | A colourful noun chart gives a definition, learning goal and an example of the types of nouns. The fun illustrations show proper and common nouns. Chart 2 has a blank learning goal section.
AUD $2.00
Pages: 05
Font: Varied
Ref: 4-00007
Smart resource  

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Dolch Noun List | Cards | VIC Print

Dolch Noun List | Cards | VIC Print

PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: The Dolch Noun List has 95 words. The words are presented on flashcards. Each noun has a matching illustration. Also included in the resource is a list of Dolch nouns and a Noun definition poster. This multi-purpose cross-curriculum resource prompts thinking and discussion; in Listening and Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar activities. Additionally, the words form an excellent visual display for the classroom word wall
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Parts of Speech | Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives Plus Articles

Parts of Speech | Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives Plus Articles

SMART RESOURCE | The knowledge of what words ‘do’ in a sentence enables the student to improve reading and writing. The main groups of words in this resource are: nouns, pronouns, adjectives and articles. Each word group includes a definition chart, a matching game and a word sorting activity. The resource is designed to support how words are classified and defined, and fitted together to form a sentence. The aim is to assist students to improve their knowledge of how words are used in reading, writing and spelling. A4 Landscape format
AUD $2.20
Verbs For Speaking | Words Better Than ‘SAID’ | Chart 2

Verbs For Speaking | Words Better Than ‘SAID’ | Chart 2

FREE | A resource with two posters about alternative words to ‘said’, the learning intention, success criteria and a student reflection question. An excellent resource to support Level 2 (Year 3 & 4) writing.
AUD $0.00
Parts of Speech | Articles

Parts of Speech | Articles

SMART RESOURCE | A colourful Article chart gives a definition and examples of how articles are used in English. A set of article – noun flashcards are included together with an activity.
AUD $2.00


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