Sentence Check List | Chart and Cards
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Sentence Check List | Chart and Cards

SMART RESOURCE | The flashcards outline a check list for punctuating a sentence.
AUD $2.40
Pages: 04
Font: NSW-NZ Foundation Style
Ref: 4-00013

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Punctuation Rules | Direct Speech | Charts

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What did you say? | Speech Bubbles | Direct Speech

What did you say? | Speech Bubbles | Direct Speech

SMART RESOURCE |The resource includes fifteen animal photographs with speech bubbles. Students fill in the speech bubbles to show only the words the animal has spoken. A follow up activity is to rewrite the words in the speech bubble as direct speech and insert punctuation as needed. The resource includes an example sheet and fifteen sheets for each animal to complete this task. A concluding activity is write a conversation by pairing the animal cards together! This time students use the words with the speech bubbles to write sentences to show the animals in conversation. A first-rate resource for students to master direct speech and punctuation that is needed in their personal writing.
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Conjunctions and Relationships | Charts

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Punctuation | Cards and Tiles

SMART RESOURCE | The eight punctuation tiles full stop, comma, question mark, exclamation mark, apostrophe, speech marks,ellipsis and asterisk accompany the punctuation definition card. These cards include an example of the use of the punctuation mark and an illustration. First-rate student reference cards. An excellent resource for students of English as a second language.
AUD $2.40


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