Inquiry | Literal - Inferential - Extended Question Starters BUNDLE
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Inquiry | Literal - Inferential - Extended Question Starters BUNDLE

PREMIUM RESOURCE | The Bundle of question starters help students to think and act critically about information. By using differing endings for who, what, when, where, why and how, creates literal questions (present and past), inferential questions (possibility and probability) and extended question (prediction and imagination) about the information. The resource includes the three levels of thinking, while asking questions across the areas of event, situation, choice, person, reason, and means. This is an invaluable resource for critical thinking through all learning areas of the curriculum.
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Pages: 19
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Ref: 9-00046
Age:  6-8+ years
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thinking skills premium resource
Australian Curriculum

General Capabilities

The question matrix was developed by Chuck Weiderhold, it is a set of question starters designed to develop higher order thinking. (Chuck Weiderhold & Kagan -1998)

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