How do I feel? | Feeling and Action | Charts and Cards
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How do I feel? | Feeling and Action | Charts and Cards

PREMIUM RESOURCE | Age: 6 - 8+ years
AUD $5.20
Twenty-seven feeling word cards and twenty-six action cards create a multi-purpose resource for critical and creative Thinking, Speaking and Listening, and Writing. Two speaking frames (with instructions) are included to assist students with the expression of their feelings. All feeling and action cards have supporting illustrations that provide a valuable source for conversation. An excellent resource for ESL / ESOL / EAL studies! Feelings & Action List  FEELING: angry bored clever concerned confused embarrassed excited friendly frightened happy healthy lonely lucky mean okay peaceful positive relaxed sad scared shocked shy sick silly sleepy surprised tired  ACTION: agree blush celebrate cry disagree dance disapprove eat exercise flirt frown grin hug kiss laugh listen play quiet read sleep smile talk text type wink write.
Pages: 18
Font: Wonkers
Ref: 3-00124
Age: 6 - 8+ years

Digital Download PDF: 1.78 MB
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Australian Curriculum

LANGUAGE for Interaction
Year 1 - 3




EAL/ESL/ESOL learners need support to structure their speaking and writing, to use new language forms and functions appropriately and consistently, and eventually to speak and write independently using appropriate forms.
Speaking frames provide models of sentence construction, language structures, and vocabulary for EAL/ESL/ESOL learners to use orally within a curriculum context. They offer the opportunity for learners to hear, repeat and explore the new language through talk and listening. This both reinforces their understanding and encourages accurate, effective communication. EAL/ESL/ESOL learners should always have the opportunity to rehearse language orally before writing. (This is also a great idea for the whole class.   
EAL British Council 2016





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