Numbers | 1-10 | Charts
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Numbers | 1-10 | Charts

SMART RESOURCE | Each chart shows the numeral and the number name written in upper case and lower case letters. Illustrations show a corresponding number of objects. Ideal for a Mathematic word wall or a student booklet.
AUD $2.40
Pages: 11
Font: Sketch Nice
Ref: 3-00184

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Numbers | 1-10 | Words | Cards

Numbers | 1-10 | Words | Cards

SMART RESOURCE | A set of 1-10 numeral-word-numbers of objects flashcards. Ideal for learning, practising and reviewing the counting and sequencing of numbers and number words. An excellent Mathematic resource.
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Mathematics Vocabulary | Number | Emergent| Cards

Mathematics Vocabulary | Number | Emergent| Cards

SMART RESOURCE |A list of 28 words used in emergent | beginning ‘Number’ Mathematics. The vocabulary enables students to understand spoken and written instructions, become familiar with ‘Number’ vocab and give opportunities to define the meaning of Mathematical words | terms.
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Numbers | 1 0 - 30 | Game | Word | Charts

Numbers | 1 0 - 30 | Game | Word | Charts

SMART RESOURCE | A set of 10-30 two digit number charts including word cards and bingo game. Create games such as ordering, matching, memory, snap, go fish. The resource has extra number charts and 0-9 digits to make your own 30 and beyond number charts.
AUD $5.10
Fractions | Shapes | Words

Fractions | Shapes | Words

PREMIUM RESOURCE | A set of fractional number cards and corresponding fractional shape examples. Resource includes: half, third, quarter, fifth, tenth vocabulary. An excellent multi-purpose resource. It can be used as flashcards, matching games and classroom display.
AUD $4.00


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