Inquiry Based Learning   | Supporting Skill Sheets & Graphic Organisers
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Inquiry Based Learning | Supporting Skill Sheets & Graphic Organisers

SMART RESOURCE | The resource comprises eight supporting student skill templates for an Inquiry Learning study. These include: Inquiry Action Plan, Inquiry Plan, Skimming and Scanning, Notetaking and Note Making, Smart Snapper Knowledge Quiz instructions, Reflection sheet, Graphic List Planner and Completion Certificate. Perfect for all stages of the student’s inquiry.
AUD $2.20
Pages: 09
Font: Various
Ref: 9-00031
Age: 7-8+ years
Digital Download:
PDF 1.11 MB
Smart Teaching Resource
Australian Curriculum
Year 2-3
Inquiring – identifying, exploring and organising information and ideas

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Footwear  | Vocabulary | Bingo | Activities

Footwear | Vocabulary | Bingo | Activities

SMART RESOURCE | This is an excellent resource for developing vocabulary through discussion about everyday footwear. The Footwear resource includes a word list, vocabulary cards with illustrations, speaking frame: question and answer card, a Bingo game for six players and a Hiking colouring sheet. Also included is a label the parts of a sports shoe, a narrative writing activity and six cross curriculum Extra for Experts activities The resource is suitable for individual, pair or whole class learning.
AUD $4.30
Inquiry Learning  Steps and Skills

Inquiry Learning Steps and Skills

SMART RESOURCE | Inquiry Based Learning promotes independence and motivates students. This is a comprehensive resource with sheets outlining - Inquiry Learning goals and Success Criteria - The process steps with supporting questions - notetaking and note making - skimming and scanning explanation sheet - student inquiry tracking planner - student reflection sheet to be completed at the end of the inquiry. The resource supports the class Inquiry Learning ensuring the students are independent in the process.
AUD $2.20
Inquiry Based Learning Steps | Display Cards

Inquiry Based Learning Steps | Display Cards

SMART RESOURCE | A simple resource with two sets of cards labelling the stages of the inquiry process. Also includes two question charts: ‘What I know’ and ‘What do I want to know?’ The resource has an animal theme with fun cartoon characters on the charts.
AUD $2.20
Pets | Critical & Creative Thinking | Writing Prompt | BUNDLE

Pets | Critical & Creative Thinking | Writing Prompt | BUNDLE

PREMIUM RESOURCE | A complete collection of sets 1,2 & 3 writing prompts about Pets. The activities use the six thinking hats to explore the study of Pets. Students are given the opportunity to critically and creatively think about the responsibility of owning a pet. The resource links with research and Inquiry–based Learning for independent and group studies.
AUD $3.80


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