Writing Progressions | Learning Intentions & Success Criteria
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Writing Progressions | Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

PREMIUM RESOURCE | Writing Progressions support the practise of forming writing intentions and success criteria to focus the writer on the deeper features and surface features of writing a text. The resource supports texts in written, spoken or multimodal forms.The criteria include Impact, Voice, Ideas, Structure, Vocabulary, Language Features and Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation. Students follow the sequence of learning to create exciting imaginative texts.
AUD $4.20
Pages: 21
KG Ten Thousand
Ref: 6-00053
Age: 6-8 years
Digital Download:
PDF 2.79 MB
Writing Progressions
Australian Curriculum
Year 1-3

The resource is produced in colour for teacher modelling; and black and white for student writing books. The student pages can be printed in multiples per sheet. The student highlights and dates the learning intention they are working on; when they feel they have achieved the intention they date and colour the rest of the page. The student may then provide evidence in their writing of the completed learning. This could be done during a teacher conference.

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Reading & Writing | Text Types

Reading & Writing | Text Types

FREE | The charts give an overview of text types and text forms. They show how texts fit into the categories of imaginative, Informative and persuasive writing.
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Verbs For Speaking | Words Better Than ‘SAID’ | Chart 2

Verbs For Speaking | Words Better Than ‘SAID’ | Chart 2

FREE | A resource with two posters about alternative words to ‘said’, the learning intention, success criteria and a student reflection question. An excellent resource to support Level 2 (Year 3 & 4) writing.
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The Writing Process | Expectations

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Procedure Writing | Text Structure | Self-Reflection | Fluent Writer

Procedure Writing | Text Structure | Self-Reflection | Fluent Writer

SMART RESOURCE | The resource supports the student’s completed procedure writing; the time when they reflect upon their work. Here are two suggestions for the use of this resource: 1. Students evaluate their writing against the set Self-Reflection success criteria sheet; or 2. Students select the success criteria from the Self-Reflection sheet that they have been focusing on in their writing, record it on the template, and then complete the self-assessment. Finally, the student is asked to think about and record the next step to further improve their procedure writing. The resource also includes a certificate to celebrate the student’s work.
AUD $2.00


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