The Writing Process | Creating Texts
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The Writing Process | Creating Texts

PREMIUM RESOURCE | The colour resource outlines the steps in the writing process. The steps include: purpose, audience, planning, writing, editing, proofreading, sharing, publishing and presentation. The charts are an ideal reference for teacher modelling and make an excellent literacy classroom display. They are excellent for identifying learning intentions and for students to independently track the next step in their writing. The resource is suitable for all text structures and is in an A4 landscape layout.
AUD $3.40
Pages: 18
Font: KG She Persisted
Ref: 6-00002
Age: 6-8+ years
Digital Download:
PDF 1.36 MB
The Writing Process Premium Resource
Australian Curriculum
Year 1-3

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Reading & Writing | Text Types

FREE | The charts give an overview of text types and text forms. They show how texts fit into the categories of imaginative, Informative and persuasive writing.
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Writing | Text Types For Fluent Writers | PACKAGE

Writing | Text Types For Fluent Writers | PACKAGE

PREMIUM RESOURCE | An outstanding resource for teaching the nine writing text types: Narrative, Poetry, Plays, Recount, Procedure, Report, Explanation, Exposition and Discussion. A comprehensive package which includes an explanation of the text structure, writing planner (graphic organiser), student learning intentions- (structure, language features, editing and proofreading) self-reflection sheet and achievement certificate. This is an excellent resource to support your writing programme throughout the year. It gives a clear process for students to follow for each text type and the resource will assist with your literacy curriculum planning.
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 Sea Creatures | Inquiry | Research Links

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