Writing in Progress | Thinking Prompt | Charts
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Writing in Progress | Thinking Prompt | Charts

FREE | The resource includes four thinking prompt charts: planning, revisiting, partner reflection and self reflection. Suitable for students before buddy conference, writer’s circle or small group sharing.
AUD $0.00
Pages: 05
Font: Tekton Pro
Ref: 6-00011
Age: 6-8+ years
FREE Resource
Australian Curriculum
Year 1 - 3

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Advertisement | Text Structure | Charts

SMART RESOURCE | The four persuasive text posters explain the structure and organisation of writing an advertisement. An excellent learning tool.
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Writing | Text Types For Fluent Writers | PACKAGE

Writing | Text Types For Fluent Writers | PACKAGE

PREMIUM RESOURCE | An outstanding resource for teaching the nine writing text types: Narrative, Poetry, Plays, Recount, Procedure, Report, Explanation, Exposition and Discussion. A comprehensive package which includes an explanation of the text structure, writing planner (graphic organiser), student learning intentions- (structure, language features, editing and proofreading) self-reflection sheet and achievement certificate. This is an excellent resource to support your writing programme throughout the year. It gives a clear process for students to follow for each text type and the resource will assist with your literacy curriculum planning.
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Astrology | Zodiac Signs | Writing Prompt

Astrology | Zodiac Signs | Writing Prompt

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Beginning Writing Ideas | Task Cards | Set 4

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