“Students write texts to record and communicate thoughts, ideas, and information for a variety of personal, social and instructional purposes.”
Literacy Learning Progressions. Ministry of Education NZL.

WRITING resources include Language, Literacy and Literature content. The resources are grouped into THE PROCESS, TEXT STRUCTURE, LANGUAGE FEATURES, WRITING PROMPTS, and LITERATURE.

Student learning is engaged through a variety of activities: visual writing prompts, inquiry-based writing and higher order thinking challenges. Learning progressions and management ideas are included in the resources.


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Sea Creatures | Inquiry | BUNDLE

Sea Creatures | Inquiry | BUNDLE

PREMIUM RESOURCE | This Bundle offers fantastic savings and a great opportunity to own an Inquiry-Based Learning resource at a very low price. The Bundle includes Inquiry Steps Display Cards, Graphic Organisers, Research links, A-Z Sea Creature photographs and Sea Creature puzzle including scientific term.
AUD $5.60
A–Z | Sea Creatures | Inquiry | Vocabulary

A–Z | Sea Creatures | Inquiry | Vocabulary

PREMIUM RESOURCE | An alphabetical Sea Creatures photographic and word collection. The cards have the sea creature name with a colourful supporting photograph. An excellent Science Inquiry-based Learning resource. The students can select a sea creature from the cards to research. The resource links with the Sea Creatures definition matching puzzle. Ref: 3-00212
AUD $2.60
A–Z | Sea Creatures | Inquiry | Puzzle

A–Z | Sea Creatures | Inquiry | Puzzle

PREMIUM RESOURCE | The Sea Creatures word-definition puzzle is an independent - group - class activity developing knowledge of sea creature names, descriptions and scientific terms. A puzzle answer sheet and scientific terms labels are included. Students can sort the sea creatures into these scientific groups. An excellent Science Inquiry-based Learning support resource. The resource links with the A–Z Sea Creatures Vocabulary display charts Ref: 3-00211
AUD $2.20
Trees | Inquiry | Writing Prompts

Trees | Inquiry | Writing Prompts

SMART RESOURCE | A beautiful resource to encourage students to think, talk and write about trees. An excellent resource to support a conservation / tree study.
AUD $2.40


 Literacy Resources for 5 - 8+ year old students.

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