Foundation Handwriting | Practice | Lowercase - Uppercase  Letter | Cards | VIC Print
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Foundation Handwriting | Practice | Lowercase - Uppercase Letter | Cards | VIC Print

PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: A set of A-Z uppercase and lowercase letter practise pages suitable for the early stages of handwriting. The students practise the correct letter formation and number formation. The resource includes a letter formation chart, a letter cluster formation chart, a number formation chart and an ACELY Learning Intention chart. The resource makes an excellent student booklet suitable for daily alphabet and handwriting learning.
AUD $4.60
Pages: 23
Font: VIC Print
Ref: 16-00028D
Age: 5-6
Digital Download
PDF: 2.83 MB


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PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: Alphabet Bingo includes six picture game cards and letters of the alphabet call cards. The sets of letter cards include lowercase letters, uppercase letters and lowercase / uppercase letter cards. To play: a letter card is chosen from the letter card pile; the letter name and letter sound is called; the player with the picture name beginning with that letter places a counter over that picture on their card. BINGO is called by a player when all pictures are cover on their card.
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Year 1 Handwriting | Terminology |  Bookmark | Lowercase Letter | Cards | VIC Modern PreCursive

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PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: The handwriting bookmark is an excellent student goal setting resource. Students select the lowercase letter they are practising. Each bookmark assists the student with the language of the letter shape and shows the sequence of movements for the lowercase letter. The students verbalise the movements as they write. A first- rate resource for NEXT STEP… learning to consolidate handwriting skills.
AUD $3.00


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