Word Families | Beginning with A | Charts
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Word Families | Beginning with A | Charts

PREMIUM RESOURCE | These colourfully illustrated poster-charts show groups of words representing the word families beginning with the letter ‘a’. An excellent resource for reading and writing words with similar letter patterns. The resource also features a colour and black & white template. These are handy for teacher modelling and student activities.
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Pages: 19
Font: Comic Sans
Ref: 2-00016
Age: 6-7+ years
Digital Download:
PDF 4.49 MB
Updated: 2017
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Australian Curriculum

Year 1
ACELA 1455

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Sight Words |  Dolch Pre-Primer | List 1 | Charts | Zaner – Bloser Style

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PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: The Dolch word charts feature colourful illustrations. The illustration can be used as a visual marker to help students to remember a word. Create a strong visual marker by forming a caption or a simple sentence about the illustration which includes the Dolch word… for example: ‘a pterodactyl’ ‘a flying dinosaur’. The marker will help students to memorize the printed high frequency word so they can automatically read it without a need to decode. This excellent learning resource makes a great word wall display, flip chart,an individual ‘Word of the Day ‘student placemat or student book.
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incl GST
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incl GST


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