Year 1 Handwriting | Terminology | Letter Element | Charts | NSW-NZ Print
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Year 1 Handwriting | Terminology | Letter Element | Charts | NSW-NZ Print

PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: The resource comprises instructional language for sixteen handwriting elements or strokes. Each element is practised with early hand writers. The instructional pencil strokes enable the student to verbalise the size and shape of each element- the combination of which forms a letter or number. Resource includes colour and black and white pages.
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Pages: 07
Font: NSW-NZ Print
Ref: 16-00049A
Age: 6-7
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Narrative | Poetic | Planners | Writing Prompt

PREMIUM RESOURCE | The resource includes a set of eleven Writing Prompt cartoon images to inspire students to write poetry and imaginative stories. Narrative, Poetry and Acrostic poem text structures are included together with graphic organisers and ten acrostic poem templates. A writing prompt poster ‘Use your imagination and experience to write…’ may be used as a prompt to introduce the writing session
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The Writing Process | Creating Texts

The Writing Process | Creating Texts

PREMIUM RESOURCE | The colour resource outlines the steps in the writing process. The steps include: purpose, audience, planning, writing, editing, proofreading, sharing, publishing and presentation. The charts are an ideal reference for teacher modelling and make an excellent literacy classroom display. They are excellent for identifying learning intentions and for students to independently track the next step in their writing. The resource is suitable for all text structures and is in an A4 landscape layout.
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Beginning Blend  | Word | Picture Charts - Set B

Beginning Blend | Word | Picture Charts - Set B

PREMIUM RESOURCE | A set of initial blends- pl, pr, sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, tr, tw with supporting words and pictures. The resource enables students to practice the relationship between spoken sounds and the letters that represent them. The knowledge of these letter-sound relationships helps the student at all year levels to read and write the sounds in words. The colourful charts are ideal for a classroom wall display, teacher modelling book and student booklet.
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Feelings - Emotions Thesaurus | Cards 1

PREMIUM RESOURCE | An excellent resource for learning alternate words for everyday emotions. A resource suitable for critical and creative thinking while also providing interesting descriptive words for narrative and poetry writing. Feelings Thesaurus List HAPPY beaming cheerful comfortable contented delighted ecstatic elated enchanted glad joyful merry overjoyed pleased satisfied thrilled SAD blue crushed dejected depressed discontented displeased dissatisfied distressed disturbed down gloomy glum hurt lonely miserable moody offended resentful sorrowful sorry sulky teary troubled unhappy upset KIND caring charitable compassionate considerate generous gentle kind-hearted kindly nice sympathetic thoughtful MEAN bad brutal cruel ferocious harsh heartless horrible nasty selfish spiteful vicious
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