Year 1 Handwriting | Terminology | Number | Charts | VIC Print
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Year 1 Handwriting | Terminology | Number | Charts | VIC Print

PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: A set of language instructions for the sequence of pencil movements for the formation of each digit. The students are encouraged to say the elements as they write each number. The combination of the elements makes a digit shape. The students then name the number that they have written. For example: Small open oval, close it. I have zero.
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Pages: 14
Font: VIC Print
Ref: 16-00052D
Age: 6-7
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Year 2 Handwriting | Management | Cards | VIC Modern PreCursive

PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: A set of colourful handwriting activity cards for Year 2 handwriting students. The eight tasks are fundamental in developing and consolidating handwriting skills. An essential resource for classroom management. Perfect for individual or group handwriting activities. The resource also includes Learning Intention, Achievement, Next Step and Elaboration cards supporting ACELY 1673. An excellent resource for daily handwriting sessions.
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Alphabet | A-Z Picture | Tile-Cards

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PREMIUM RESOURCE | A set of initial digraph charts ph, ch, sh, th, wh with accompanying picture. Each chart supports students to develop knowledge of letter-sound relationships and to use what they know to help them to work out unfamiliar words when reading.. The multipurpose resource is suitable for wall display, teacher modelling flip-charts student booklets and more.
AUD $1.40
incl GST


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