Instant Classroom Display  | Uppercase Letters |  Circle Pattern
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Instant Classroom Display | Uppercase Letters | Circle Pattern

SMART RESOURCE | Printable Display lettering sets with circle pattern. Cut out letters and laminate for durability… resource now ready to make an instant bright classroom display. A multipurpose resource suitable for library shelves, word walls, curriculum display, titles and captions.
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Pages: 28
Font: Summertime Lovin
Ref: 11-00090
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Newstelling Extra | Charts

Newstelling Extra | Charts

SMART RESOURCES | An extension of the news telling session for older students. The resource includes organisation, learning goals, reflection chart, management chart and bland name cards.
AUD $1.70
incl GST
Visual Timetable | Cards 1

Visual Timetable | Cards 1

SMART RESOURCE | A black and white set of over sixty visual timetable cards. An excellent resource to illustrate the days learning tasks. This resource can be printed onto colour card to make an attractive visual timetable.
AUD $1.40
incl GST
Formal and Informal Talking | Charts

Formal and Informal Talking | Charts

SMART RESOURCE | The resource includes charts which indicate when it is appropriate to be formal or informal when speaking to others. It also has a ‘How does the talking sound?’ chart giving a grammatical framework for the types of speaking. These scenarios are followed by discussion activity cards asking When… What… How do we speak to different people? A first rate resource for class and ESL students.
AUD $1.40
incl GST
Gold Coast 2018 | Commonwealth Games  | A-Z | Flag Cards | Visual Language & Writing Prompts

Gold Coast 2018 | Commonwealth Games | A-Z | Flag Cards | Visual Language & Writing Prompts

SMART RESOURCE: The Commonwealth Games flag resource includes 71 participating countries. It is an excellent resource for discussion, report writing and Inquiry-based learning. Students can use the templates for redesigning a flag in a variety of formats. Included is a medal tally chart for selected countries and two websites to bookmark for flag and country research. A first-rate resource for visual language.
AUD $2.50
incl GST


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