2019 | Calendar | Southern Hemisphere
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2019 | Calendar | Southern Hemisphere

SMART RESOURCE | Keep up to date with this year’s events with the 2019 ABC Teaching Resources calendar. A page for each month with space to write important dates and notes. Great for a wall display, teacher planner or student book.
AUD $1.00
Pages: 14
Font: Various
Ref: 11-00091
Age: 7+years
Digital Download: 3.71 MB
Smart Teaching Resource  

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SMART RESOURCE | Make a class calendar! Students can explore the layout of a calendar by completing the dates and year on the month chart. The calendar can then be used for important class / school events. It is also an excellent way to communicate with parents by pasting the calendar month into the Home Learning book. The upcoming events are registered on the calendar page for everyone to see. The templates are A4 and A5 in size, however, they can be enlarged or reduced to suit your need.
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