Enterprise | Business Plan | Learning Intentions
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Enterprise | Business Plan | Learning Intentions

SMART RESOURCE | A colourful resource with leading Enterprise inquiry questions, learning goals and success criteria for making and evaluating a business plan. Resource is presented in full colour and with a white background.
AUD $2.00
Pages: 12
Font: Various
Ref: 10-00022
Age: 8+ years
ABC Teaching Resource Australian Curriculum

Evaluating and Reflecting
I usually use the full colour for my teaching station and classroom display; and the white background or greyscale printing for the students books.

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Emergent | Reading Progressions  | Levels 1 and 2 |  Learning Intentions

Emergent | Reading Progressions | Levels 1 and 2 | Learning Intentions

PREMIUM RESOURCE | At Emergent Stage students are making a start at reading. They are learning that a book has a special way of telling a story. The resource is designed to support the reading process by helping students to develop strategies in which they can make meaning from text. The twelve Learning Intentions present individual strategies which interact and support each other; then, in combination and with explicit instruction, students will learn how to select and integrate the strategies in the reading process. The resource supports the Level 1 and Level 2 reading programme. It includes twelve Learning Intention charts, a complete list of Learning Intentions, a student Learning Intention-Self-Assessment sheet and a Reading Learning Intention-Self-Assessment template for individual learning. A4 Portrait format.
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Gymnastics | Learning Intentions

Gymnastics | Learning Intentions

SMART RESOURCE | An outstanding gymnastic resource for students to identify the purpose, learning intentions, success criteria and the organisation of a session to keep them safe. Included is a prewritten self-reflection sheet reflecting upon their learning intentions and a blank reflection template for students to select their learning intentions and then complete the assessment. To finish the Gymnastics learning is a certificate to be awarded for participation and excellence. REVISED
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Speaking and Listening | Social Convertions | Charts

Speaking and Listening | Social Convertions | Charts

SMART RESOURCE | The social convention charts present the learning goal and the success criteria for a polite speaker and an active listener. A first rate resource for student self – assessment.
AUD $1.30
Year 2 | Handwriting |  Visible  Learning | BUNDLE | VIC PreCursive

Year 2 | Handwriting | Visible Learning | BUNDLE | VIC PreCursive

PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION | The Visible Learning Bundle includes five individual resources. They focus upon the formative assessment process. Students use the resources to self-evaluate their handwriting for legibility. The resource assists the establishment of handwriting Learning Intentions / Goals and supports the collaborative writing of Success Criteria. The Success Criteria can be used by the students to self-assess and reflect upon their own handwriting. The teacher or peer may then give feedback based on the student’s evaluation.
AUD $6.50


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