Year 2  Handwriting | Visible Learning | Student Recording | Sheets | NSW-NZ PreCursive
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Year 2 Handwriting | Visible Learning | Student Recording | Sheets | NSW-NZ PreCursive

PREMIUM RESOURCE | FONT OPTION: The black and white Recording Practice sheets support the Learning Goals and Assessment resources. The sheets are suitable for teacher modelling or for pasting into the student’s handwriting book. The student selects their practise letter or number and records it on the sheet. The student and teacher can track the letters practised, assess and decide on the next step for learning.
AUD $1.40
Pages: 06
Font: NSW-NZ PreCursive
Ref: 16-00093A
Age: 7-8
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PDF: 0.88 MB


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Gymnastics | Learning Intentions

Gymnastics | Learning Intentions

SMART RESOURCE | An outstanding gymnastic resource for students to identify the purpose, learning intentions, success criteria and the organisation of a session to keep them safe. Included is a prewritten self-reflection sheet reflecting upon their learning intentions and a blank reflection template for students to select their learning intentions and then complete the assessment. To finish the Gymnastics learning is a certificate to be awarded for participation and excellence. REVISED
AUD $1.80
Oral Language | Newstime | Organisation | Management

Oral Language | Newstime | Organisation | Management

SMART RESOURCE | The Speaking and Listening resource enables the teacher to easily organise the oral language with the class. Through speaking with individual, partner or groups the student can explore ways in which to express feelings and emotions while also developing a vocabulary to describe and answer questions about a chosen topic. The Newstime resource includes students Learning Intentions and Success Criteria, a Today’s Class Management Board together with a variety of Newstime focus cards. The resource is presented with a colour background and a white background. New to the resource is a student Self-Reflection Assessment sheet to assess their presentation against the Learning Intentions and Success Criteria; also include is a blank Self-Assessment sheet.
AUD $2.40
Parts of Speech | Verb Chart

Parts of Speech | Verb Chart

A colourful verb chart gives a definition, learning goal and examples of where verbs may be found. The fun illustrations show verb tenses. Chart 2 has a blank learning goal section.
AUD $0.00
Reading Progressions | Levels 19 & 20  | Learning Intentions | R.A. 7.5 years - 8.0 years

Reading Progressions | Levels 19 & 20 | Learning Intentions | R.A. 7.5 years - 8.0 years

PREMIUM RESOURCE | The Purple Reading resource supports the Level 19 and 20 reading programme. The resource includes sixteen Learning Intention charts, a complete list of Learning Intentions, a student Learning Intention-Self-Assessment sheet and a Reading Learning Intention-Self-Assessment template for individual learning. A4 Landscape format.
AUD $4.20


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