Christmas Songs and Stories



A Christian Celebration of the Birth of Jesus

December 25


Also a time for a holiday, parties, family gatherings and giving and receiving presents.
And don't forget Santa Claus!

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by Raymond Briggs.


THE STORY OF DAVE a hard-working and devoted Dad, who realises that the greatest gift he can give people this Christmas is his time. 3:35

MOG sets off a chain of unfortunate events which almost ruin Christmas for the Thomas family. Can she pull it all back to save the day?   3:20

The classic poem - THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS    3:19

TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: Sing-a-long Children's Animation 3:29

Children's Christmas Song: RULDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER with Lyrics - created for the classroom  2:27


We Wish You A Merry Christmas- Song

Song and lyrics. 2:07


Santa, Where Are You?

It's Christmas Eve. Where is Santa? Use this simple song to welcome Santa to your classroom,
while practicing prepositions of place. 2:15


Jingle Bells

A super simple song with lyrics. 3:09


Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells was composed in 1857. 0:47


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Song with lyrics. 1:18



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