Guy Fawkes Night

Fireworks Guy Fawkes Day

On the 5th of November

we commemorate
the capture of Guy Fawkes
with bonfires and fireworks


For 400 years bonfires have burned
on November 5th
to mark the failed gunpowder plot!

Visit our Guy Fawkes Resources

Synchronized Fireworks Show

A visual prompt for discussion and writing. 8:58


Guy Fawkes Day History

A short outline of the history of Guy Fawkes Day, it also links with the way the Guy Fawkes is celebrated today. 1:41


British Holidays - Guy Fawkes Day

Why did people in the UK first start to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day? 3:09


5th of November: Bonfire Night

The video is a typographic story mix of a young boy learning about Bonfire Night at school. This includes a brief history of the day, the dangers of fireworks and how Bonfire Night is celebrated today. 4:05


Fireworks Party: Nursery Rhyme Song

Nursery  Rhyme with Lyrics and Karaoke. 5:18


Bonfire Night Song

To the Tune 'If you are happy and you know it'. Photographic images of Bonfires Night. 2:12


Fireman Sam: A Song About Fire Safety

What to do if your clothes catch fire? 2:49



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