Waitangi Day

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Waitangi Day

February 6th

He iwi tahi tatou.
We are now one people.

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The Treaty of Waitangi: Drafting the Treaty  2:26


The Treaty of Waitangi- The Treaty's Journey  1:19


The Treaty of Waitangi: Principles of the Treaty  1:28


The Treaty of Waitangi: The Treaty Texts  2:15


The Treaty of Waitangi: Openess to Change


The Treaty of Waitangi: Whalers  1:43


The Treaty of Waitangi: Muskets  1:46


The Treaty of Waitangi: Missionaries  1:45

The Treaty Of Waitangi must be the most sacred, revered and talked about document in New Zealand history. 
It is recommended that teachers preview the following documentary to check if it is appropriate for their students.

Waitangi - What really Happened: Part 1

The drama begins on 3rd of February, 1840 as Busby and Colenso have asked a number of significant Nga Puhi chiefs to converge to discuss the Treaty - but as yet, there is no Treaty. It emerges Hobson has not even begun to write it when he arrives by ship. Meanwhile, Maori leaders try to understand what exactly the British hope to achieve and what advantage there might be in making a pact with the English. 12:42

Waitangi - What really Happened: Part 2

Busby, Colenso and others, take Hobson's brief and knock together the Treaty. It is then passed on to Henry Williams and his son, Edward who work on the Maori translation. 7:08


Waitangi - What Really Happened: Part 3

5th February and around 400 Maori Chiefs have gathered as Hobson reads out the Treaty in English, with Henry Williams translating. Hobson then throws open the floor for discussion. 12:05

Waitangi - What Really Happened: Part 4

Chief after Chief they speak out against the Treaty in very strong terms. Until Hone Heke - Henry Williams' wild card - takes the floor. 11:19

Waitangi - What Really Happened: Part 5

It's 6th February and the Maori chiefs are leaving. Pompallier requests that another article be added to the Treaty ensuring his religion will not be interfered with. Hobson can see this as a way of getting the Catholic Chiefs onside and quickly suggests some appropriate wording. 8:34

Waitangi Day - What Really Happened: Part 6

Hone Heke comes forward to sign, beginning the process that leads forty- three others signing - but for many and mixed motives. 6:34

Waitangi -  What Really Happened: Part 7

The signing of the treaty is usually portrayed as a solemn occasion but few know that it emerged out of a combination of chaos, lack of preparation, humour goodwill and mixed motives. In hindsight, it can seem a miracle that the treaty was ever signed. 10:32


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